Argumentative Essay On Flat Earth

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Zack Storvick Mr. Diggins BTC English Flat Earth Controversy The Earth isn 't flat. To some that is obvious. To others it 's a bold statement. Many scientists and people argue about a topic that has a clear answer. Is the Earth Flat? Over centuries, people have debated whether or not our planet is flat. But now, with the advancements of science and technology, people still choose to believe and create groups or “societies” claiming the Earth is flat. The flat Earth idea is false due to the use of science, common sense and an individual 's own opinion. Time after time, science and technology have proven that we live on a spherical planet. Now that we have access to space, the easiest way to prove the Earth is a sphere is to leave it and view it from a distance. Astronauts and space probes have done just that. Every picture of Earth ever taken shows only a circular shape, and the only geometric solid which looks like a circle from any direction is a sphere. The horizon is the surface that one is observing from is not an infinite plane. On a clear day, the only restriction to a person 's sight is the horizon. There can be two explanations for this - one, that the Earth at some point just stops, as if you were looking off the edge of a table. The other is that the Earth is a sphere. An example of the best visibility is from the International Space Station, where astronauts see a sunrise 16 times (92 minutes). When on the ground, you can see further distances from higher up

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