Argumentative Essay: The Walsh's Murder

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The Walsh Murder: Compassion not punishment is the answer

The recent tragic murder of Phil Walsh by his 26-year-old son Cy has brought home to many Australian’s the social cost of the ICE epidemic. While it has not been definitively proven that drugs were involved in this case, the connection between random family violence and addiction has been whispered about in many media platforms.

The raised eyebrows and head shaking of those in the discussion reveal the incredulity of such a thing being part of the Walsh family dynamic. Undercutting this shock is the shame and silent suffering of those with a drug addict in the family. The addict is to be found across all classes and across all cultural backgrounds.

Australia’s drug problem is only worsening, as more people than ever are being arrested for drug related offences. Between 2012 and 2013, more than 100,000 Australians were arrested with drug charges. Most of these charges are reported to be accompanied by violence. This chain reaction of drug abuse and violence cannot end without the appropriate support that the government is failing to provide offenders. The Ice Epidemic requires a societal and governmental response, where health experts, educators, police and community leaders all have an important role to play. …show more content…

Mental illness is associated with all drug use, but withdrawals of ice can provide a user with insomnia, confusion, depression, anxiety as well as violent behaviour. Neuroimaging studies show that alterations in the activity of dopamine reproduction, which assists motor speed and verbal learning can be partially reversed if the right steps are taken to treat the addiction. The current plan put in place for those who are prosecuted with drug charges is inadequate to those suffering from heavy addictions and have no access to appropriate

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