Arguments Against Illegal Immigrants

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Illegal immigrants. The two words that can separate a group of people. Many average Americans can honestly admit they feel as though illegal immigrants do deserve to be in America. The majority of the reason for these everyday Americans to strongly believe that is because of fear. Americans hear stereotypes along with making a few up on their own whether they realize it or not. The thing these everyday Americans don’t see is how much these stereotypes does damage to the immigration community. While these everyday Americans are complaining and pointing the finger at immigrants why that individual is struggling in life has been proven that immigrants have no downfall for an American 's life to be in a bad place. The way I see America’s debate on immigration is that Americans are being selfish by only thinking of themselves. The lack of …show more content…

Sharing equality to those who want to be apart of America for a better life and/or to improve their lives. To the immigrants and those who do agree to allow immigrants into America are fighting to make their mark. Starting rallies, protest and public announcements along with organizations is going to make a difference one day. It can’t happen in one day as much as we all could hope for but it makes progress. Those who want to make a change and a difference in allowing immigrants can’t give up. Americans don’t want to hear us they want to push us out after all that we had done to contribute in America. In 04 February 2016 The latino economy article “Illegal Immigrants Benefit the U.S. Economy." H. A. Goodman mentions his beliefs “The government is spreading millions of dollars to lock up people whose detentions serve no purpose.” There is so much hidden truth that are unknown because why would custom Customs and Border Protection want bad publicity? Immigrants are being punished for no real reason, these Americans with higher power think it’s okay to mistreat and harm these immigrants and either lie about it or hide what harm they

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