Immigrant Argument

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Immigrant Argument
Jaewoo Ahn

About 102 million people in the U.S. are jobless and the U.S. government is desperate to decrease the jobless percentage. When the U.S. cannot even employ their own people, bringing more people into the U.S. would just increase the competition for jobs. David has a wife and two children. To feed his family, he needs to get a job. The immigrants coming in from all over the world are causing higher competition than ever before. In his last job as a toothpaste capper he was replaced by another immigrant willing to work longer. Now David, an American worker, doesn’t have a job anymore. This is happening to many U.S citizens. I strongly disagree with the statement “because America is historically a nation of immigrants, …show more content…

John F. Kennedy states: “[Irish and the Italians] most found an outlet for their skills in the needle trades, as garment workers, hatmakers and furriers. Often they worked in sweatshops… In time, they developed the clothing industry as we know it today, centered in New York but reaching into every small town and rural area. The experience and tradition of these pioneers produced many effective leaders in the labor movement” (Kennedy, A Nation of Immigrants 30). Kennedy talks about the common case of immigrants searching for the “American Dream” and eventually helping the country grow. America is now reaching its maximum capacity. Most Americans are having a harder time than ever to get a job because of the increasing population everyday. Many may say that the higher competition for the job, the better person is going to take it and do better with it. The governments goals is to focus on their people first not the others. When the government can’t even employ their people, why would they let immigrants take their spots so that the Americans can’t get a job? Thus America making the immigration law is logical. As an immigrant from another country, I also strongly believe that America should harshen its immigration laws. For the country to grow …show more content…

For the law and the government to catch up, they need to think about the future and create the laws. John F. Kennedy once said that “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”. He was relating this to the immigrant law but the country needs to not remind ourselves of the past, but keep on thinking of how we can build and develop the country in the future. The government argue about law everyday and changes it very frequently. Why don’t we discuss about traditions that we should keep and ones we should forget about. The change in the immigration law is just one tiny step of the government looking into the

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