Arguments Against The Radical Republicans

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The Radical Republicans were a faction within the United States’ political Republican Party that maintained extremely controversial ideas opposed by a number of people (Tulloch, 1999). These ideas included the view that the emancipation of slaves should be fully implemented and civil rights for this group should be legally established (Tulloch, 1999). The group was also largely against allowing former officers of the Confederacy holding political power in Southern States. Opposition to the efforts of Radical Republicans was strongly administered by Moderate and conservative Republications who were largely against the Reconstruction movement and equality for freed slaves (Tulloch, 1999). Perhaps most notably, Radical Republicans were in strong opposition to the choice of then President Abraham Lincoln to allow General George B. McClellan to be a military leader in efforts to return states in the South that had succeeded to the Union (Richardson, 2004). …show more content…

The controversial measure put forth by the group required an oath from all former Confederate states prior to regaining Union entry. Lincoln’s measure called more a more lenient process, requiring only 10 percent of the states to take the path (Holt, 1995). The bill outlined by Lincoln also pardoned most southerners in the Confederate led rebellion against the federal government of the United States. It was touted to be designed as a peace plan intended to help shorten the time of war. In the policy, Lincoln did insist that slavery be abolished by the new state governments established through the reconstruction effort. With a focus on passage of his plan, Lincoln vetoed the bill proposed by the Radical Republicans (Jenkins,

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