The Art Of Persuasion In Annie Leonard's Credibility

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The art of persuasion
Personalities differ and everyone has his unique beliefs and thoughts. However, as life goes on, we go through many life situations and encounter different beliefs and opinions. Eventually, some of the thoughts that we have got used to become useless due to its replacement with more persuasive ones. Persuasion does not come out of the blue. Persuasion comes from the deep understanding of the issue and its consequences and the effective procedure you use to present a certain issue or topic. Leonard was curious to study the system of the stuff on Earth. Consequently, she has been investigating the environmental impacts of stuff, trying to call for an action for safer future. ("Annie Leonard"). Then, that project was presented …show more content…

Ethos, also called the ethical appeal, is the owner's and the project's credibility (“Home-Ethos, Pathos, and Logos"). Firstly, Leonard is definitely a credible and a trust-worthy character. She now serves on the boards of GAIA and Public Citizen and has previously served on the boards of the Grassroots Recycling Network, the Environmental Health Fund, Global Greengrants India, Greenpeace India, and the International Forum on Globalization (“Annie Leonard”). Analyzing the cycle of stuff of Earth was her motive for her project. Subsequently, she spent 10 years travelling the world to investigate her quest ("Annie Leonard"). She has been to many countries all over the world, examining toxic sites, meeting and talking to people from the adversely impacted societies ("Annie Leonard"). So that provided her with enough experience and evidence to carry on her project. In addition to Leonard's high credibility, the project was well-studied as it showed a perfect problem analysis and profound investigation. Besides, it is not a grey-haired project as it was published in 2007 so the content is clearly controversial and reliable. In fact, the project became highly popular and influential due to the owner's and the sources' high …show more content…

Logos also called the appeal to logic, means the persuasion through facts and logical reasons (“Home-Ethos, Pathos, and Logos"). Leonard has presented a plenty of statistics that prove the project's accuracy .According to Leonard, the United States has a small percentage of the world's population and conversely a huge percentage of the of human resources waste (Leonard). Lately 80% of the planet's original forests had been exploited (Leonard).In addition, we are losing 2000 trees a minute and 200,000 people a day are forced to move from their home to look for better jobs regardless how toxic that work might be (Leonard). Furthermore, Leonard has shown a logical presentation of each problem's consequences. For instance, she has presented the problem of BFRs, brominated flame retardants, that are super toxic chemicals that make objects fire resistant but they are harmful to human brains and they are used for too many different things around us (Leonard). Leonard's tone was so energetic and she used her body language a lot. She maintained a high pace throughout the video in order to grab her audience attention and to encourage them to start taking rapid actions for safer future. However, she exaggerated and had a hasty generalization logical fallacy as she described that all people become affected by fashion they watch on T.V. Besides, Leonard ignored all of the advantages

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