Article Of Confederation Dbq

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Article of Confederation was created on March 1, 1781 by Antifederalists. The government of United States was weak after the Articles of Confederation. Anti Federalists created the Articles of Confederation because they believed that the government would become to strong and wouldn’t care about people having equal rights and this gave states their power of making their own rules toward equality and taxes. This made the government a nationally weak system with bits of power in hand. After the Article of Confederation the states had much more power and ability to make their own policies. With this article the government resulted in failure against Shay’s Rebellion since they didn’t have all the power needed. Relationships with the foreign country gave the government the thought of it needing to be stronger and better. America had a treaty with Britain which was the Treaty of Paris. The United States started to fail in keeping up with the treaty. Then, later Britain’s and America’s connection started to fall apart since the central government was without enough power to tax. Since the United States couldn’t tax, they weren’t able to pay the debt they had with the foreign off. This was all …show more content…

It gave the country the inability to form a army, it just wasn’t one of the right of the central government under this constitution. The congress had little to no money, often they would ask individual states for money, and a lot of the times they didn’t receive as much as they asked for. It was also difficult for the people up north to create and pass a law since nine of the thirteen states have to agree upon the new law, which was very hard to get them to do. With this constitution there wasn’t even a national government which means that if a problem had come upon two states it would be settled in one there

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