Articles Of Confederation Dbq

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In May 1787 55 delegates met in Philadelphia to amend the Articles Of Confederation. They debated about the New Jersey plan and Virginia plan. The states also ratified on how they need the bill of rights. Then they argued about slavery. Many things helped shape the Articles Of Confederation such as how they talked about representation, The states ratification, and slavery. Representation was a very important part that happened in the Articles Of Confederation. Delegates debated on the Virginia and New Jersey plan. The Virginia plan wanted to give more power to the bigger states, 3 branches of government, and 2 houses. The New Jersey plan wanted each state to have one vote regarding the population. They also wanted equal representation. In the end they agree with the great compromise and use ideas from both plans such as having 3 branches of government and 2 houses. It influenced us today by still having three branches of government and now all citizens from the United States can vote for their choice. Ratification helped a lot in the Articles Of Confederation. Such as putting the bill of rights in the Constitution thanks to the anti-federalist for their …show more content…

The reason it was a problem was because our new government was going to be a government of equal rights and liberty for all people even slaves. So people argued what they should do about slavery. The South wanted slaves to be represented not taxes in other words they didn’t want slavery to go away, but the North wanted slaves to be taxed not represented so slavery can end. Until their final decision was to postpone this until 1808 if they hadn’t the united states would have not stopped slavery. If the fight to end slavery didn’t happen then the United States would not have equal rights and liberty for all their citizens this would have affect the equal rights to vote for every citizen making the whole government without

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