Asch Conformity Experiment Research Paper

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One of the main things that Asch’s experiments teach us is that people are extremely determined to fit in with others. In the short video clip titled “Would You Fall For That - Elevator Experiment”, we learned that people conform to the majority rather than risk being alienated from a group. This experiment, in particular, tested the Asch Paradigm to see how far people go to feel like a member of the group. They tested this by means of an elevator experiment in which actors would go in an elevator and face the wrong way and the unsuspecting victims were left to decide for themselves whether or not to conform to the group or to instead do what they felt was considered normal. They were trying to determine if, when everyone was facing the back of the elevator, would the innocent bystander do the same. What they found was that most of the people give in to conformity. It showed how people will change just to fit in. Furthermore, this experiment showed that a person’s own actions can be influenced by …show more content…

It results in people conforming to decisions they would not normally make. These people generally set aside their own beliefs and conform to the rest of the group. Real life examples of this could be the fact that many people, especially in school, follow the opinions and actions of those who are considered to be “popular”. In conclusion, Asch’s experiments prove that people are extremely determined to fit in instead of stand out, at least when it comes to social situations. People don’t want to be the odd one out and they certainly don’t want to be judged for it. This experiment showed how social pressure from a group could get a person to conform. All in all, the results of the elevator experiment show that conformity can be influenced by an individual’s innate desire to be like everyone

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