Is Assisted Suicide Right Or Wrong Essay

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Is assisted suicide right or wrong? Assisted suicide is that a topic that comes with a great amount of debate. According to NHS choices, assisted suicide is the act of deliberately assisting or encouraging another person to kill themselves. Both active anesthesia and assisted suicide are illegal in the english law. Active anesthesia is when a person intervenes to end someone 's life, for example, by injecting them with a large dose of sedatives. Passive anesthesia is when a person causes death by withholding that is necessary to maintain life. Depending on the circumstances, anesthesia can be regarded at manslaughter or murder that is punishable by law. Under the terms of the Suicide Act (1961) assisted …show more content…

J.D, 35, was released for hospice when his wife, Hope ran into one of his doctors that gave her a bottle of liquid morphine and told her she might need it. In the beginning Hope didn 't understand why the doctor would give her morphine and later understood that it was her husband 's pain. The doctor intended for Hope to give him an overdose with Morphine for J.D.’s pain. In the end Hope never overdoes J.D. in morphine. These are the types of situations that happen but no one talks about it, in 1998 a surgery in New England resulted in 3 percent of US doctors for writing prescriptions for life ending medications. In cases dealing with severe pain that doesn 't have any medications that would relieve the pain, under these circumstances is when the assisting in suicide should be …show more content…

Andrew Salon shared with the public how his best friend died screaming in his hospital pain because of his cancer but he didn 't want that to happen with his mother. His mother was given a lethal dose of Seconal which ended her life as she lived, with elegance he quoted. When someone is in so much pain that 's only direction is death, should they have the right to end their misery. Many do believe they do, only the patient is aware of the type of pain they are in, therefore they should be able to decided when they have had enough and relieve their pain with overdosage. While The atlantic debates on the fact that Americans should think again before pressing head the legalization of physician assisted suicide and voluntary anesthesia, many have firm belief that they should be given the choice if and only it involves a patient that is terminally ill . When a patient in the direction of death, they should be able to die with dignity and peace. To end their misery is their way of dying with peace. Terminally ill patients are the ones with the pain, therefore be given the choice to end

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