Assu205 Unit 4 Assignment

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Subject area (Learning Area): Science Year level: 4 Curricular Intentions : Content Descriptor: Living things have life cycles (ACSSU072) • describing the stages of life cycles of different living things such as insects, birds, frogs and flowering plants Know Do Value • identify living things • describe life styles • recognise the different features of living and non-living things • identify the different structures of living things • identify the functions of living things • classify living things according to their structural features • identify the different parts of plants • recognise the need of living things • recognise ways living things interact with each other and with the environment • illustrate life cycle stages of living things • investigate living organisms life cycles • ask appropriate questions which can be used to make predictions • participate in the …show more content…

• Look for differences between content understanding and science processes. • Note which medium the primary pupil uses (i.e., drawing or writing). • Look for details that indicate an understanding of the characteristics of objects or phenomena. • Look at the ways in which the graphic context indicates the development level of pupils. • Note the grammatical complexity of the writing. The feedback strategy used for this lesson will be “Tweets about today’s lesson” where the students will “tweet” about the lesson and can answer either what they learnt from the lesson, what they did not know or what questions they might have. (Presto Plans, n.d.) The feedback strategy can inform the student on how students understand and where they can learn more. The “tweets” can then be put up on the wall for the students to go back to and when they understand something they were unsure of previously, they can replace it with a new “tweet” or add it to their previous “tweet” to see how their learning has

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