Atticus Corruption Quotes

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The oppressive feeling of racism has touched all in maycomb. None can ignore it. The effect of it is very obvious, corruption. Atticus’s goal is to stop his children from “catching Maycomb’s disease” (117 need citation) in hopes that Jem and Scout will grow into people with morals that all are equal, you don’t have to follow society's predetermined standards. Atticus sacrifices his reputation, safety and when undertaking the responsibility of defending a black man. In the 1930’s, when a black man's word was opposing a white man’s word, they always lost because people assumed that whites are always telling the truth and blacks always lie. When one of the kids(find out which one) asks atticus why he is even attempting to defend Tom when he knows…show more content…
Just because Atticus won’t win the case doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to save the man’s life. If he doesn’t give his best attempt to fight the unjust social mores, who will? Atticus also sacrificed a little more than just his reputation during the novel. Bob Ewell is deeply angered by Atticus exposing to all of Maycomb that Bob beats his children so like the scummy person he is, Bob seeks revenge and spits in Atticus’s face and cusses him out. In response to this Atticus says “ if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella one extra beating, that’s something that I’ll gladly take.” (292-93). Atticus is so selfless that he would sacrifice his well being so that Mayella possibly won’t face beatings. The meaning behind Atticus’s selfless actions is deeper than just looking good to the public eye. Atticus has very clean and polished morals, “but before I can live with other folks, I’ve got to live with myself.” (140) Atticus sacrifices everything so that others can live easier lives. He couldn’t live with himself if he never tried to make a dent in the unjust social mores so he is willing to sacrifice everything in the name of
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