Atticus Learning To Stand Up For What's Right

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In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch taught me to never be afraid to stand up for what’s right. Sometimes, what you think is the right thing to do can get you into a lot of trouble but you’re the one that’s going to have to live with yourself. For example, Atticus is a lawyer that takes on a new client, a black man named Tom Robinson who is accused of raping a white woman. In Maycomb, Alabama, the people that live there are stuck in their ways and it’s one of the most racists places to live in the South. So, Atticus gets into a lot of trouble because the town doesn’t understand why he’s going against white people. But, Atticus doesn’t look at it like he’s defending a black man just an innocent man. He’s doing what he thinks

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