August Wilson's Fences

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In August Wilson’s Fences, Troy Maxson is the leading man. He is portrayed as a fifty-three-year-old, African American man, who works in the sanitation department as a garbage man. Growing up, Troy played baseball and was a star in the Negro Leagues. Unfortunately, Troy 's athletic ability reduced before the Major Leagues accepted blacks. He was hard working, strong and was always likely to twist the truth. Troy’s personality was troubled and bitter. Troy is the husband of Rose, the father of Lyons, Cory, and Raynell, as well as the brother of Gabriel.
Troy is a strong character and believes vigorously in hard work and puts in many hours to provide for his family. The duty and obligation that Troy internalizes characterize his view of his own …show more content…

Troy becomes a lonely, unloved man from his original position as the middle of attention in his family and social world. Troy often tries to escape his life, and tries to involve life and challenge death because of how genuinely he trusts in himself. Troy starts by challenging his workers about their prejudiced practices, he brags to his best friend Bono that he is fearless of death and he keeps a secret that he thinks he is able to get away with about his issue with Alberta. Shown through the three Fridays interspersed in Fences, Troy appears into an isolated and loveless life when his anger and his secrets get the best of him. This causes his loved ones to lose their admiration for him and to change their life so that he was not in their presence anymore. Troy lets go of his role of loving and devoted husband, generous and responsible parent and loyal, honest and inspiring friend. Troy goes from juggling two relationships with women to having neither woman. Troy calls the risky action of having an affair with Alberta, "stealing second." However, if that is how Troy plays ball at the beginning of the play, then it is predictable that he finishes the scene as a …show more content…

The final family relationship that Troy is involved in is between himself and his brother, Gabriel. This relationship is a simple one due to the brain damage Gabriel suffered during World War II. This bad relationship is because of Troy 's inappropriate use of the money that Gabriel has been compensated by the United States government. Troy gains control of Gabriel 's money and has Gabriel permanently put away in an institute due to his mental health problems. Although we do learn that Troy accidentally signed the papers to lock Gabriel away because of his inability to read, we know that he never took initiative to free Gabriel. Troy keeps money that is not his while keeping his own brother locked in a mental institute. Throughout Wilson’s Fences, the reader is introduced to several of Troy’s relationships with different members of his family. Troy’s tough personality traits keep him from sustaining healthy relationships. His constant actions show that he is driven, stubborn and struggles to live happily with his family for these reasons. He views himself in a light that leads him to believe he is invincible, and so long as one views their self and the world through such a delusional lens, they will never thrive in

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