Do Vaccines Cause Autism Literature Review

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Literature review
An investigation into the controversy, that vaccines cause Autism.

There is a huge debate about whether or not vaccines are the cause of many cases of autism in young children. The main vaccine that has been under lots of research is the MMR vaccine that young children have between the ages of 12- 15 months old and the second dose at ages of 4-6 years old.

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The history of vaccines, an educational resource by the collage of physicians of Philadelphia - Do vaccines cause autism?

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Andrew Wakefield is a British researcher that was associated with the search that childhood vaccines do not cause autism. He had several undeclared conflicts of interest, which one was from a law firm that was looking for the evidence of cases against vaccines manufactures, which was about R975 000. There is a part in the article has graph that shows the presenting of autism and the possible causes. it is said to be that a baby who has had an injury to its cerebellar, it makes the baby have a higher chance of getting autism and to score highly on the autism screening…show more content…
Most parents are still against their children being immunized. In 18 states there were about 159 diagnoses of measles. Doctors from the United States are trying to convince e parents to stop opting out of giving their children the vaccines as it is causing more and more outbreaks of measles. Children with older siblings with autism were thought to have a higher chance of developing autism after the MMR vaccines. A study shows that there is no relation between the MMR vaccine and autism in children with or without older siblings as it is said that MMR actually reduces the risk of
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