Murder In The 1920's Essay

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Enigma of the 1920’s
Murder has been committed since the beginning of time. However, solving those murders may not always occur. If asked about famous crimes, people will discuss H.H. Holmes, the Black Dahlia or even Jack the Ripper. It is the unsolved crimes of the 1920’s and the unusual killing of two people, that caused fear in the citizens.
One such murder was the Axeman Murder. In the axeman murder, It has been said that this unknown person was new to the area. The location where the murders occurred was in New Orleans, Louisiana. The only thing they knew was that the person’s choice of weapon was an ax. This is why they named the killer, the Axeman of New Orleans (Ferranti).
The murder committed by the Axeman of New Orleans, had the
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This murder occurred in October 6, 1921, in Madison, New Jersey. This murderer only did harm to one victim and one only.
Twelve year old Janet Lawrence was discovered in the kluxen woods by local people. The people were shocked when they discovered her wounds. “Janet Lawrence had been stabbed 25 times, and her throat had been slashed.” not only that but she was found with vine around her body. (Unsolved).
Police were very puzzled but determined to find who killed this innocent little girl. The police knew that Janet always went to the woods because it was her routine. While investigating, they managed to find a suspect. This suspect was a fourteen year old, Francis Kluxen, who was said to be hunting nearby the area she was killed in. They did not have any evidence to prove that he did it. They had other suspect that they arrested but released because of lack of evidence. A year went by and they rearrested Francis Kluxen for the murder of Janet Lawrence. This time the case went to court and Francis talked about where he was when the murder occurred. The police was looked down upon because they had no evidence to officially prove that he did it. The Kluxen woods murder has been left unsolved since 1921
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