Bach-Brahm Concert Report

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Bach-Brahm Project Concert No.1
Did you know that Joel Schoenhals, Professor of piano at Eastern Michigan University, is a foreign expert at Central China Normal University in Wuhan, Hubei, China? I was able to attend his Bach-Brahm Project Concert on September 23rd in Pease Auditorium at Eastern Michigan University, not only to enjoy the music, but to hear and understand the piano in different major and minor keys on a professional level. It mainly focused on him playing the piano and gave really interesting facts about piano music history. In this paper, I will be discussing what the different major and minor keys signify for each different mood, the two main composers Joel Schoenhals played, and how this event relates to my UNIV and speech class.
I had intermediate knowledge going into this event because I was a former aristocrat in high school and had to listen and perform in different major keys. We mostly performed a lot of Bach music, so I understand how bouncy and happy his music is and what chords to play. Although aristocrat was …show more content…

Of course the piano sounds beautiful even when you are just listening for fun or just playing chords together, but with doing that, you really miss the true meaning of each composer 's piano’s mood and sound. I would definitely recommend this event to other EMU students because it is a way to relax your mind and really have a peaceful time. It would also be a good event to attend because you will understand the concepts of the piano’s true sound when playing different music. All in all, Schoenhals performance has influenced me in many different ways, such as opening my ears and really paying attention to each major and minor key choice, helping me understand that I am more of an aural learner, and giving me information about two classical

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