Johann Sebastian Bach's Advancements In Classical Music

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Along with a few other genres, classical music was the one of the major gateways to many other music genres that are popular today. Many of the hits today would likely not have been here if it weren 't for the impeccable, creative minds of the baroque age. One of the most popular musician/composers of this era was Johann Sebastian Bach. Sadly, many of today’s youth do not know about Bach or any of his advancements in classical music. Johann Sebastian Bach lived a very interesting and musical life. Bach produced a beautiful style of music and achieved many extraordinary heights in his career. While Bach did create his own style, he preferred the more traditional styles. Because of his preference in older styles and traditions in his music, …show more content…

Because most of the town had recently been burned down, finding a suitable home was hard. Bach brought his cousin, Maria Barbara Bach, to live with him. Soon, they got married and together they had four healthy children. Maria sadly passed away in 1720. Bach was remarried in less than a year to Anna Magdalena Bach. Bach had twenty children total. Seven of the children belonged to his first wife, Maria Barbara Bach. The other thirteen children were those of Anna Magdalena Bach. Of the twenty children, only ten survived through infancy. As a member of the chamber orchestra and organist to the court, he had a lot of experience and soon improved greatly at both playing the organ and constructing and composing his masterpieces. Along his journey, he made friends with many famous people, almost all have been impressed with the renowned composer and his incredible skills in the musical field.
Towards the end of 1749, a traveling English surgeon operated on Bach’s eyes in the attempts to help him regain his vision. Due to complications during the operation, Bach completely lost his eyesight. Though blind and in extremely poor health, Bach continued to compose wonderful music. He did this by dictating his work to his pupil. Tragically, Bach passed away due to a stroke in Leipzig, Germany, on July 28, 1750. He lived to be sixty-five years old and was one of the most prominent composers alive. Bach’s death marked the end of the baroque age of

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