Bad Food: The Effects Of Sour Taste In Naturopathy

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When something spoils or goes rotten, it becomes sour. Sour taste in Naturopathy generally refers to fermented foods as in, “the milk has gone sour”, or any other acidic food. Sour food includes curd, yogurt, wine, beer, miso, tauchu and pickles. Generally these sour foods are believed to weaken the blood. Thank heavens, nature provides us with healthy sour food as well which includes acidic fruit like citrus, gooseberries, bilimbi, star fruit and sub-acidic fruits like peaches, apples, mangoes etc.
Sour and Secretions
Sour pacifies vata. Sours are actually secretagogues. A secretagogue is a substance that causes another substance to be secreted. They dampen and stimulate a dry palate, stimulating secretions throughout the GI tract. Salivary secretions improve taste. Gastric secretions in the stomach improve digestion. Moistening the colon facilitates smoother, looser and easier bowel movements.
Sour Spoils the Blood
The thought of something sour immediately accumulates saliva in our mouth. This is why we always add a tiny bit of pickle, sour cream, curd or yogurt in our meal. But it must be limited to only a spoonful as sour ferments are hot and spoil the blood, aggravating Pitta. All fermented foods are pre-digested by bacterium, therefore they are easily absorbed through the GI tract. Very small amount of sours helps increase the blood circulation in our gut. In Chinese traditional medication, they “generate” the liver. Pre-digestion means, the fermented

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