Parkinson Disease Affecting Dale Maxin's Life

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The disease that Dale Maxin has is known as Parkinson Disease. This disease has affected Dale 's life in a very negative way. It has caused him much grief. Medication helped him to cope with Parkinson for a period of time, however; even the medication has reached a point where it n longer helps. His wife is who he has to depend on with help for everyday things. Because of Parkinson they cannot even go out and enjoy a simple dinner at a restaurant. Activities that they once did before he was diagnosed they no longer do. Parkinson disease has taken everything Dale has loved in life and forever changed it. The disease has given Dale many limitations with his movement. Even his speech due to the fact that it takes him awhile to speak a full sentence. With his movement his arms move non-stop or stay in one place. Sometimes he is stuck where he is sitting until he is able to move once again. This is how he was before he had a procedure. After the procedure he was like a new man. It was almost as if he had never had Parkinson disease to being with. He was able to play pool, which was his favorite game, again with smiled and without worry. Now he could perform everyday task himself without help. Dale looked at Parkinson disease as an incurable disease. He feared that he was going to have to live with it his whole…show more content…
It can turn a person 's whole world upside down. Throw them into a dark place leaving them with no hope and a since of helplessness. They believe they will never get better. They become insecure about themselves and even dislike themselves. It takes the joy right out of experiencing the world. They cannot enjoy the things they once loved to do. They try to avoid the company of others because they feel they are only pitied due to the disease. Even after all that there is hope to escape the dreadful darkness. Dale Maxin is proof of
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