Bartleby In The Book Of John

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At the end of page twenty-five, the narrator gets payed a visit from the new owner of the law offices. The new owner asks the lawyer is he knew who the man who was left there at the office, Bartleby to which he responds with, “I certainly cannot inform you. I know nothing about him.” (Melville 28) It is in this first statement that the lawyer denies knowing Bartleby, just like the way Peter denied knowing Jesus. The narrator of course would represent Peter, and Bartleby as Jesus. In the Book of John chapter eighteen verse seventeen, Peter is confronted by the High Priest and the servants’ girls. ”17 You aren’t one of this man’s disciples too, are you?” she asked Peter. He replied, “I am not.” (NKJV, John 18:17) Peter had denied Jesus because

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