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The book Batboy by Mike Lupica is a very inspirational book. Is playing baseball something you just quit or can you improvise and drive to learn. Can you help a bestie out? Darryl the main character has been playing baseball for years and had to be a leader and help one of his teammates out, so he has to drive him to become the better player. Hutch played shortstop but Darryl 's best friend was the shortstop until Hutch came and he was upset he had to play centerfield and came the better player. Yes Darryl was the best on the team but also the leader and helped Danny out and the team out. The theme of this book is to never give up and even though this book is very short it explains life very well and everyone is modern day society would be proud of this boy. I never liked Mike Lupica as an author because …show more content…

That happened but the ups and downs Danny had were all throughout the story. Coming back to what Danny said “Darryl is the only reason it does not kill me that I’m not playing short.(Lupica 50).” This explains that because before Darryl said anything Danny did not want to deal with any baseball until Darryl sat down and talked to him. Danny went from hating his life to becoming one of the best baseball players and creating a future for baseball. The external and internal conflicts turned out to be a great thing for Danny and Darryl. I rate this book a ten out of a ten because I love baseball and it taught me so much. Mike Lupica went down in detail about how much you should never give up and how if you see someone down pick them up because it is the right thing to do. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to learn a lesson, likes baseball or softball and someone he thinks they are a leader because it will teach you how to take control and lead a team of anything. This book can be read for grades 6 and up because anyone under will not understand. I just love how Mike wrote this

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