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“The Big Field” by Mike Lupica is a great book for readers that love baseball. The book is a realistic fiction that has two hundred and seventy two pages. I enjoyed this book because I play shortstop for my baseball them just like the main character in this book. Keith Hutchinson but goes by the name “Hutch” is the main character in this book. He is a young boy that is an avid baseball player for the Cardinals his hometown team. Hutch wants to be just like his father and role model Derek Jeter. Playing shortstop in the pros is his lifelong dream. Darryl Williams is the new kid in town. He joined the baseball team and wants to play shortstop his favorite position but that doesn't go over well with Hutch. Darryl plays baseball not really for the love of the game he plays baseball hoping that it will get him somewhere oneday. He has lived a tougher life than the …show more content…

Hutch lived to play shortstop for his team and always wanted the balls hit to him He knew he could help his team win the games. He would be in the big leagues before he even knew it! When he thought everything was good a new kid moved to town. Darryl Williams joined the team and Coach thought he would be a better shortstop player than Hutch so the Coach moved Hutch to second base. Hutch saw this as a demotion. How could he be Derek Jeter his role model not playing the position he loved. Darryl took the spotlight right out from under Hutch. Darryl becomes the best player on the team and this upsets Hutch. He knew that his attitude could affect his team. His best friend Cody tries to keep him calm. The team was practicing for the Championship game and sees his dad coaching Darryl. Hutch as so upset because this is all he has ever wanted is for his dad to coach him in baseball. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His dad always made excuses of why he couldn't come to his games or coach him. Hutch thought he was working one of

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