Battle Of Trenton Essay

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25 December 1776, a cold and dark night. Rows of ragged men with torn clothing, no shoes, and rusty rifles begin to form. At the head of the Soldiers is General George Washington, Commander of the Continental Army. In opposition to the British Rule, the newly formed Continental Army was desperate for a victory to keep the Army intact. After losing to the British in New York, NY, the morale was at an all time low within the Army. Soldiers were rendering absent without leave by the day. Others were nearing the end of their enlistments. General Washington had two options, he could move the Army to quarters for the winter and attempt to rebuild or attempt a massive attack with his remaining forces. While it was customary during this time …show more content…

An attempt at an attack would be extremely risky. Embarking in another attack so soon after the detrimental loss in New York had two possible outcomes; a win, resulting in increased morale and support for the Continental Army, or another loss, most likely resulting in a consummation of any support remaining for the Continental Army. He chose option two and assembled his men that cold December night to prepare for a stealthy attack on the town of Trenton, NJ. Washington was successful in his endeavor, regaining the trust of the Colonists and eventually rebuilding the Army. If not for the tactical expertise and a slew of unprecedented events leading up to the Battle of Trenton the Continental Army would not have proclaimed success in the Battle of Princeton, New Jersey, causing the Army to dissolve, awarding victory to the British, balking the formation of the United …show more content…

As Washington and his men moved toward Trenton, they approached a Hessian outpost. Hessian Commander, Lieutenant Andreas Wiederholdt stepped outside, quickly spotting the Continental Soldiers. “The Enemy!” (Pavao, Pavao, and Pavao 2010) exclaimed the commander causing his Soldiers to run toward the fight but they quickly realized they were outnumbered. The Hessian Lieutenant ordered his men to retreat. As Soldiers from the outpost fell back into Trenton, the Hessian Soldiers utilized houses for cover and attempted to assemble with other Hessian forces. However, Continental Soldiers surrounded them. The Continental Soldiers successfully out gunned the Hessians and mortally shot Colonel Rall, the Colonel’s Soldiers surrendered shortly after. Continental Forces, disallowing their escape, covered each route the Hessians attempted to take in retreat. The Continental Army captured approximately 1000 Hessian Soldiers and neutralized all four Hessian Colonels stationed in Trenton. The battle concluded by 0900 hours on 26 December

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