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Ashton Arthur 8th Grade English Mrs. King November 24, 2015 ~The Battle of Trenton 1776~ Have you ever heard of a battle that occurred on Christmas day? The Battle of Trenton happened on the 25th of December in Delaware of 1776. It was short and sweet battle between George Washington and his opponent, Garrison of Hessian. As Washington guided the Continental Army with boldness trying to win the victory of Trenton, the Hessians had a surprise in store for them. Washington’s army was to spread out along the Hessian’s outposts. It was in Delaware around West Jersey on December 25th, 1776. But Washington had a different suggestion in mind. For instance, the Encyclopedia states that his army accelerated for extra Continental and militia corps, hoping it would increase the offense against the British outposts (on page 90). It was an excellent move on Washington’s part because the British did not even see it coming. The American Colonists were at an advantage. And because of Washington’s move they won the victory. Then everyone knew that George Washington was a terrific military leader. Furthermore, historians have pointed out that because of Washington’s victory he was most definitely going to lead his army into another battle, The Battle of Princeton ( And you have …show more content…

George Washington the leader of the Continental Army guided his troops across the Delaware River ready for battle. Johann Rall and his soldiers (Hessians) were still fighting against George’s military on December 26th, 1776. Moreover, in the article it confirms that after a brief battle, nearly the entire Hessian force was captured, with small losses to the Americans (wikipedia). The Hessian soldiers late that night were out getting wasted causing them to lose the battle. Washington expressed his doubts, writing to his cousin in Virginia, “I think the game is pretty near up.”

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