Bear Dance Questions

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1 Why is the book called Bear Dance? A: He “bear dances “to put himself into a trance. Once he is in a trance he is in the spirit world. Then goes to the spirit world to seek help from the sprit bear. 2 why do the bears trust Cloyd? A: He feeds the, and teaches them to survive. He resembles the bear’s mother. He wore their mother’s skin to gain the trust. 3 how did the rumors about Sixto loco started? A: some dumb teens heard about the last mountain sheep herder and assumed he was crazy. The teens where probable bored so they made up rumors. That made everybody think he was crazy 4 did the cubs breed with the Alaskan grizzly rusty brought back? A: I think they did because grizzly’s have an excellent sense of smell. They cold of tracked down the other grizzly. They would mate in the spring. …show more content…

A: No because once the cubs mate with the Alaskan cub who will there cubs breed with. If they inbreed the gene pool would not be stable. The government would need to bring more grizzly so the species can survive. 6 would the cubs survive if Cloyd didn’t scare off the black bears? A: The bear would maul the cubs. They could be hunted and mauled by the black bears. If they couldn’t set out of that basin the bear would mauled 7 Why does cloyd care so much about the bears? A: he feels that he that he is in debt to the bear because he got one killed. He wants to make sure Colorado grizzly don’t go extinct feels lke he has a deep connection 8 do you think anybody else found the mine between now and then A no It has been 21 years only sixto loco and cloyd know about so it is unlickley someone would find it. I did elade answers for 250 years 9 why did rusty bring back the grizzly A: guilt ate him up inside. He wanted cloyd to forgive him so he brought the

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