Jonbenet Ramsey Theories

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Beauty queen. Blonde. Beautiful. Dead. All of these describe no other than JonBenet Ramsey. She was a six year old pageant girl who came from a wealthy family in Colorado. She won many titles thanks to her curly blonde locks and her innocent nature. Sadly, her haunting death was anything but innocent. The mystery behind JonBenet Ramsey’s death can be summed up into two theories: someone in her family is the killer or a pedifile came after her. JonBenet was in the spotlight for most of her life, and ironically her mysterious death was the same. Although, many pieces of the murder are still unknown, the facts are clear: JonBenet was harshly killed in her Boulder, Colorado house on December 25, 1996. Her mother, Patricia “Patsy” Ramsey, called the police the following morning to report that her…show more content…
According to statistics, 92 percent of kids who are murdered at their house are killed by someone in their family (Newton, The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes, 313). This suggests the same for JonBenet’s death. When police arrived at the Ramsey home to investigate, the noticed the “peculiarities in the behavior of the grieving parents” and the fact that Patsy had on full makeup and her hair was nicely done (Newton 313). After further investigation of the evidence, the detectives uncovered that the ransom note was written with a pen and paper from Patsy Ramsey’s home office. Oddly enough, the strange amount of money that was demanded in the ransom was identical to John Ramsey’s bonus check (young jonbenet) The next pieces of the theory account to JonBenet’s 9 year old brother, Burke. Both Patsy and John claim that Burke was asleep in his room for the entire time. Yet he is clearly heard in the background of the 911 call saying “what did you find” (Was child beauty queen JonBenet murdered by brother?) Based on all of these facts, her family being involved in her murder remains a
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