Assignment 1: The Murder Of Lizzie Borden

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sion, Lizzie had several reasons to kill her stepmom and dad.
The crime scene is another thing that hints Lizzie killed her stepmom and dad. For example, the placement of them is very weird. Andrew was laying on a couch with 11 whacks to his face; Abby was found lying in the floor with 18 whacks to her face, but everything around them was in place (Linder, 2004). Their head was broken and everything around them was in place which makes it suspicious. Furthermore, everyone thought it was a Portuguese born laborer who came to see Andrew earlier that day about missed payments that killed Andrew and Abby. After a lot of police investigation there was no sign of forced entry (The trial of Lizzie Borden, 2008). Then that leaves anyone in the house as a possible suspect, but the only person in the house at the time was Lizzie. Also, Lizzie …show more content…

For example, Lizzie tried to buy poison a few days before the murder. Lizzie tried to buy purrisc acid and on August 3 many people in the house became very sick. This is very suspicious because it was like she tried to kill them then when they die she whacked them in the head. Furthermore, Lizzie was wearing a blue dress the day of the murder. Lizzie’s friend reports that Lizzie burned a blue dress after the murder because it had “old paint” on it (The Trial of Lizzie Borden, 2008). Why would Lizzie have burned the dress if she did not have something to hide? Also, Lizzie says she was in the barn at the time when the murder occurred. It was tin the middle of summer and would be extremely too hot to stay in the barn for more than a few minutes (The Trial of Lizzie Borden,2008). There is no way she could have been in the barn because she would have passed out and would have been found in the barn but she was in the house when the investigators got there. In conclusion, many various things make Lizzie Borden look like she killed her

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