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Get Rid Of Bed Bugs By Freezing Them Out Pesticides may not be as effective on bed bugs as they once were because the bugs have developed a tolerance to many of the chemicals. However, it 's possible to kill the bugs in other ways, such as freezing. You can freeze some belongings yourself in your home freezer if it is cold enough, or you can hire an exterminator to do the job. Here 's how you freeze out bed bugs. Using Your Freezer In order to kill bed bugs, your freezer should drop to at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit. You 'll need to keep your items in the freezer for four days at that temperature. Less time is needed if you can lower the temperature further. To do this, place your items inside of plastic bags and drop the bags into …show more content…

Also, be careful about what you put in your freezer. Condensation may form when you take your bags out of the freezer, so it isn 't a good idea to freeze electronics, valuables, or fragile items. Dry Ice Treatments The best way to get rid of bed bugs by freezing is to call in an exterminator who has dry ice equipment. Dry ice is extremely cold in the solid form. The exterminator applies it by spraying it out of a tank through a nozzle. It comes out as snow at a temperature about -110 degrees. When it warms up to -109.3 degrees, it transitions into a gas and disappears. Because it is so cold, it freezes and kills bed bugs instantly. Dry ice treatments are effective because the snow gets into nooks and crannies in your house just like chemical spray. However, there are no chemicals used, so it is safe to use around people and pets. Since the snow transitions directly into gas and bypasses the liquid stage, the snow won 't damage any of your belongings. Your carpet and upholstery won 't feel wet or damp when the snow disappears. Freezing bed bugs with dry ice is a good alternative to using chemicals in your home. If you have small children or if someone in your home has allergies, then freezing the bugs may be the ideal solution for getting rid of the

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