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Step by Step Process to kill all Bed Bugs Completely

To kill bed bugs, start acting from the first signs of infestation, find them where they might sit or laid their eggs, use an effective method to control them. Bed Bugs multiply at a very faster rate so check out the process to kill all bed bugs completely.

Check the Early Signs of Bed Bugs

The first thing you should do is to identify the presence of bugs to kill all bed bugs at the initial stages only. You can identify their signs by a rash that resembles a mosquito bite. It swells and spreads out, unlike the mosquito bite. Don’t think that bed bugs are not present in the clean environment. Check out the corners especially to find their presence. Also, watch other signs like checking the dark or blood spots on the mattresses. They can also be on the curtain rods or inside the
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Inspect other places as well using flash light like under the edge of wall carpeting. Their eggs are scattered here and there so pay close attention to search each and every place of the home. It is very important to find them and kill their eggs as it multiplies at a very faster rate and can cause many serious problems. Once you find them, try to inject some chemical or organic pesticide that won’t cause any kind of harm to you as well.

Treatment of Bed Bugs

Follow integrated pest management process as it involves multiple tactics to get rid of them such as preventive measures, use of chemicals and sanitation. Use the vacuum cleaner for sucking the bugs you have found out. Hot stream often helps in killing them as they can’t withstand high temperature. Natural methods such as lavender oil or tea tree oil can be effective in getting rid of them as they don’t thrive in the smell of these oils. Try to clean them using alcohol. This treatment is important as bed bugs can spread throughout the building in a quick time.

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