Monarch Butterfly Extinction

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Hook: What is causing the Monarch butterfly to become closer to extinction? Transition:The Monarch butterfly has been having many issues recently over the past years.Monarch butterflies are very important. The Monarch butterfly is a insect that and is currently facing the problem of ,but it can be solved by . The Monarch butterfly is a very special insect .Because Monarch butterflies need milkweed plants to lay their eggs.Monarch butterflies also contribute to the health of our plants.While feeding on nectar, they pollinate many types of flowers.Theirs four stages of the Monarch butterfly life cycle which are egg,larva,pupa and adult butterfly.The Monarch’s migration south usually starts in October.Monarch’s will spend their winter hibernation …show more content…

Fish and WIldlife Service and other partners to reserve this alarming trend and ensure that this beautiful butterfly has a future.What can we do save monarch butterflies or help them from becoming extinct.One simple solution that we can do is help create greenhouses.We can plant caterpillar plants and milkweed.Although there are over 100 species of milkweed ,some of the most widely adapted and readily available include common milkweed.Asclepias is a favorite for the monarch.That’s not all you could also grow any kind of nectar plant.Certify your backyard as a Monarch Waystation.Another way we can help the monarch is by preventing chemical pollutants.Choose least toxic pest control.Encourage natural control.Whenever possible use barriers such as row covers to exclude pest instead of spraying.keep in mind caterpillars are butterflies.One last thing we can do to help monarchs is take care of the environment.Remember the environment is for everyone.We have to take care of each

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