Plecia Nearctica Research Paper

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It’s a widely held myth that University of Florida entomologists introduced Plecia nearctica into Florida as means to control insect population however, love bugs, as this species is more commonly known as, actually migrated across the Gulf Coast from Mexico through human activities. Despite the humorous implications of the common name, given because of their ability to copulate while in flight for hours, it does not emphasize the controversy that surrounds its invasive appearance in the Southern states of America. These states found that the species was detrimental to the abiotic environment initially but as it turns out, with time, the species adapted to actually become helpful to the biotic environment. What was initially seen as a nuisance became an integral part of the agricultural ecosystem despite it being an unintended consequence through increased human activities. The ecological effects of Plecia nearctica start with its evolution and adaptation to the Southern states in America and…show more content…
Although they may be small in size, they have had a significant impact on human activities in terms of agricultural production and in the same way it can be observed that human activities have impacted this species in terms of optimal conditions for reproduction and growth. Globally, invasive insects cost an estimated $2. 1 billion in forest damage and $13 billion in loss of crop depending on how detrimental the species is but nonetheless, a species such as the love bug demonstrates that even nuisances can provides benefits amide the costly
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