Why Did The Bee Decline

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Based on a scientific analys , the very accelerated loss of species that we are experiencing could be up to 1,000 to 10,000 losses per year. these losses do not only include wild animals or mammals that are constantly haunted , but also small pollinators such as bees. the bee decline is a an issue that is currently affecting most of North America and many countries in Europe , but the number of bee colonies are increasing in China .
But if this issue is not solve as soon as possible , and the decline increases it will eventually become a worldwide issue. therefore , let 's dicuss the causes of this instinction , its effect and what are the solutions that can be used towards solving this problem.

First of all , what is causing this instinction? Some scientists believe that there 's not a comple reason to this instinction but others believe that an increased agriculture production and urbananization are one of the main causes of it . Agricultural production is taking all the acres that were occupied by flowers that were …show more content…

Secondly, bees are important for our society . they are essential for our ecosystem, bees are vital for pollination , which include alot of fruits , vegetable and honey production . they are also important for our economy . for example in the U.S. , the benefit of pollination is of 15 billion dollars each year , and more than one million bee colonies are needed for pollination .
In Canada , a third of the human diet comes directly or indirectly from insect-pollinated plants . The benefits of pollination in Canada is 2 billion dollars each year . that the contribution of bees worldwide to human food production stands at an estimated $200 billion annually. Image if bee decline was a worldwide problem , it would be a catastophe. Albert Einstein once remarked, if the bees disappear, the human family would follow close behind (Save the bees, save ourselves). therefore finding a solution to this issue is crucial in order to save ourselves

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