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Every day millions of honey bees fly back and forth from their hives. They pollinate a plethora of flowers and produce great amounts of honey. Many people do not realize what bees do for them and their communities. Without bees, people would not have any fresh flowers or produce. The bee population helps provide growth to one-third of the food in the world (Haltiwanger). Without bees, there would not be as much food for humans to survive. Even though we need bees to survive many people go on with their day not ever thinking of what can save the bees. They use pesticides to grow their grass, never buy organic food or honey, and even kill bees that come near them. Scientist today started working on many different experiments to help save the …show more content…

“Beekeepers across the United States lost 44 percent of their honey bee colonies during the year spanning from April 2015 to April 2016” (“Nation’s Beekeepers lost 44 percent of bees in 2015-2016”). Many famers today plant their cops in sections farther apart depending on the plant. When the bees go to collect nectar they cannot get as much food without getting tired. This has had an effect on bees because they die faster from having to fly so far. Many beekeepers think that this reason causes bees to fade away. Also in the wild, honey bees usually live in one place at a time and have a winter break to store up their food. Farmers today travel their bees around the country to help grow and pollinate their crops. When they do this they take time away from the bees resting period and this causes bees to die. Pesticides, which kill certain plants, animals, and fungi, cause another reason for the bees deaths. Even though the pesticides do not mean to kill the bees, just a small dose can cause the bee to become immobilized. The last reason is from the sugar syrup that beekeepers use to save money. This syrup gives the bees as much energy as real honey but it causes a short life span. All of these reasons and much more cause bees to lose their lives and most of them get caused by

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