What Causes Bee Extinction

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Individuals often overlook the important role that bees play in our lives. Bees are known to be pests or an annoyance that many of us choose to avoid. But, we don 't stop and look at the bigger picture and realize that without bees, some of the foods that we eat everyday will disappear. Every piece of food we have is made possible credited to bees. Since 2006, we are having a rapid decline of bees, many bee enthusiast 's are coming together to narrow down the causes. There are many causes as to why bees are going extinct but only two stood out for it 's bold impact. Parasites and pesticides, these two causes affect honey bees into going extinct and without bees we would have slimmer choices in our lives. We would lose a great amount of …show more content…

Food, is not the only thing that will disappear with bees, clothing and fuel will have a decline as well. Jo Jackson a bachelor of Science and honors, in biology from the University of Adelaide, explains that canola oil is one of the factors that will be eliminated by the result of bee extinction. Canola flowers produce high amounts of nectar and the large amounts of pollen offer a good nutritional balance of amino acids and protein. The link between the canola and honey industries is strong and growing.(Bees&Canola) According to Canola Council.org, Canola is grown to produce fuel, followed by a common oil that many individuals use for cooking. Canola is an ideal habitat and food source for honeybees. Together, canola is good for bees, and bees are good for canola. Together, they are good for the health of our environment Bees are kept busy and they attend to many of their jobs that benefits us, as individuals. So with that being said, without pollination done by bees, there would be less production of biofuel. We would then rely more on fossil fuels which will not benefit our environment. In addition, we could possibly run out fossil fuel supply and face a troublesome event. Along with canola oil, Jackson states that cotton as well will slowly be eliminated. Cotton is being pollinated by not only bees but other insects, Jackson goes on by saying that even though cotton is pollinated by other insects besides bees, bees are the benefactor in this case. As a result we …show more content…

So in terms of bees declining yearly since 2006, the magnitude of this problem is very crucial to individuals and will affect their lives from a different angle. Produce will become limited in grocery stores due to bees not being able to pollinate flowers and do the necessity work they have to do in order to benefit us. Canola oil is an important source for honeybees and without canola oil, biofuels will gradually be eliminated. Once biofuels are gone, fossil fuels will take place and will harm our environment to an extent of being brutal. When fossil fuels take place for a significant amount of time, we will lose the supply of fossil fuels. In addition, we will lose supply of cotton and have slimmer chances of with choosing clothing in stores. The decline of bees is caused by pesticides and parasites. These two hold a bold impact against bees and it not only affects bees but everyone individual as well. Each educational site and bee specialist/enthusiast have one thing in common and that is that bees are very important to our environment and everyday lives. Everything that a honeybee is responsible for benefits us. It 's a chain reaction concerning not only individuals but other wild life animals, species, and plants. Most of us are guilty of not knowing much about bees and the roles they play in our lives. Doing harm to them will only harm us in the long run. What good is it to harm a honeybee when their job and responsibilities is to pollinate and then sooner

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