Bees Argumentative Essay

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Every day bees are disappearing from their colonies at dangerously rapid rates. Everyone should become bee keepers and/or have bee gardens. It is the peoples’ duty to protect and save the bees. Bees play a major role in our everyday lives, and they go unnoticed.

Without bees our food supply would quickly decrease. Hazel Sillver says, “Honey bees are declining in population and may be facing extinction. This is bad not just for the bees, but also for humans, who rely on bees to pollinate many plants and important agricultural crops.” Without bees, crops cannot be pollinated, which stunts growth and can cause the crop to be uneatable or it could be left with very low nutrients. Later, Hazel Sillver states, “The bee is vital…. It pollinates …show more content…

Bees do not go far, so they pollinate local areas rather than an extended amount of land. Patricia E. Salkin says, “Small-scale beekeeping has proven to be especially popular among people looking to obtain more of their food from local resources.” Not only does it help the people and the wildlife in their surrounding area, it supports producers who raise and sell their crops there. Patricia E. Salkin states, “Urban bees provide important pollination services to community gardens, home vegetable gardens, and fruit trees.” Not only will it help neighbors’ goods and plants, but it will help others’ gardens and plants as well. Bees can provide a steady ecosystem that benefits both them and the peoples’ gardens and plants surrounding the bees’ pollination area.

Maintaining bee gardens can also be a hassle and bees might become aggressive and harm people. Patricia E. Salkin states, “Bees can create a nuisance if they become aggressive or swarm on neighboring property.” The thing is, bees rarely hurt people. If they do, it is because they are being provoked or they feel threatened in some way. Bees are almost completely harmless. The solution to this thought that all bees can and will sting is simple: do not anger the bees and they will not hurt people.

People owe a lot to the bees and they deserve to be cared for by the people. The bees help us pollinate and grow our crops, plants and gardens.

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