How Do Pesticides Affect Honey Bees

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How Pesticides Effect Honey Bees? What are Pesticides and Why are they used? A question that often times arises in are minds. But there is only one explaination so that way farmers can have crops with a higher yield and will bring more money. On the other hand, pesticides are not a good idea because, they are in the food we eat and water we drink. These Pesticides are hurting tens of thousands of animals and humans each and every day and we don´t even realize it either. Pesticides are in everything they are in the food we eat and the air we breath and even in the water we drink. Also, does it ever make you wander is the food we eat safe and the other the things that pesticides effect that affect are they really safe for me to be eating or even drinking. While, you still stuck on that kind of problem you will not belive what else they hurt are honey bees and the honey we eat. On the other hand, pesticides are used for some kinds of practical applications. As a matter of fact, these pesticides can actually keep crops from spoiling and also keep pests from damaging crops that are used for crops …show more content…

how they are being effected . On the other hand, the honey bees are being hurt all around the world it almost makes us wonder should we be using pesticides. Not to mention , according to [Toxic action Center] . Pesticides are even in Breast Milk. Now, do the honey bees get what is getting in the breast milk. Now, according to the [Science Magazine] the bees are getting these from Niotunnitoyuds are what are hurting the honey bees. In additon,though the DDT´s can hurt birds a lot. By if a bird eats the insects then the egg shells become very soft and also the birds become very deformed. But it makes you wonder are the DDT’s really affecting the bes because bees do lay egg. So is it really the DDT’s . Or the other kind of

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