The Pros And Cons Of Killer Bees

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The idea of killer bees showing up in your backyard and killing you may seem a little far fetched. It isn’t. You could be walking to school not doing anything out of the ordinary and they could attack you. The killer bees you might hear about are what are called Africanized honey bees. They are way more aggressive than the regular bee you would see in the park or in your garden. Until that feeble kind you know are dominated by the Africanized killer bees, and the Africanized ones are the only ones left! The killer bees can chase someone/thing for over a mile. They are far more aggressive than a regular bee. Just recently in a California town dozens were wounded because of a bee attack. A beekeeper was moving a bee hive when the bees went crazy. They stung him many times, through his suit! They then proceeded to terrorize the town. They chased people and swarmed around cars. A family got back to their house to find their two dogs dead, covered head to toe with bee stings. They were dead. Scientist expect there to be more bees once the weather gets warmer. …show more content…

They are a mix of African and European honey bees. African bees were originally introduced into Brazil in 1957. They did this to improve honey production. They continued to move North. When they entered the United States they bred with the European bees. Once they did this they became what we call Africanized.
So I think it would be beneficial to think before you throw a rock at a beehive when you see it. Africanized bees are becoming more popular as they move North. They are coming our way now. Obviously the trait that makes African bees viscous is dominant so the more that the African bees migrate up here the more the overall bee population will be extremely

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