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In different ecosystems, bees play an important role in pollination and the maintenance of natural plant communities. During millions of years, there is a complex interdependence between bees and most of the flowering plants which shows that bees and plant belong together. However, due to the using of agricultural pesticides or the climate changes, many bees loss to “colony collapse disorder” which may bring far-reaching impacts on world’s food supply and biodiversity.

Bees are one of the common pollinators in animal pollination. According to David, Kevin and Emily’s (2015) research, it also points out that wild bees can support pollination of multiple plant species owing to the bees’ physique, numbers and behavior of foraging on same plant at one time. The physique of bees is easy for bees to catch pollen grains while flying to the next plant. Bees, especially honeybees, use body hair to transport the pollen and leave enough pollen on the new flower for pollination. Nonetheless, some plants like strawberry need around 20 pollen grains to ensure the fertilization of the flower’s eggs. Then, the great numbers of bees and the foraging constancy behavior which bees will visit the same types of flowers and work until the pollen or nectar can be found that can help to ensure all seeds will …show more content…

Hence, in the long run, finding the answer of the decline of bees is important. If not, keeping loss of bees may destroy the normal seed production and pollination. Then, it may decrease the biodiversity that is a big loss to the whole society. Although some researches show that the changing of environment lead to special genetic constitution, the loss of bees may bring impacts on human and it is the mainly factor in nature. it is believed that finding out the answers are important to the nature as bees play an important role in different

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