The Influence Of Climate Change

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By the year 2050 climate change could kill more than 500,000 people in a year by decreasing the quality of food available according to a recent study (Global and regional effects of future food production under climate change).Climate change has been a major problem of the 21st century, which effects the entire globe.It has occured due to a number of factors,the most major being human activities.Climate change is defined as a change in global or regional climate patterns,attributed largely to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere(Oxford living dictionaries).Climate change has lead to a massive increase in world temperatures which in turn has other adverse effects on the environment.Numerous people have died and families have …show more content…

Hot areas will experience even hotter temperatures while cold areas will steadily become hotter.Thus people living in such areas would find it extremely difficult to adjust to these temperature changes.Also climate change will lead to desertification of land forcing people to migrate to cooler areas.Indeed people would want the best for their children and so should be willing to recognize how major a problem climate change really is.It is only going to get worse and worse and already predictions have been made that it is in fact too late to save the planet from being destroyed by climate change.A need is present for us to act on the problem quickly and

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