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“We’re the best of our kind [university and state museum] in this hemisphere. I truly believe that,” stated J.C. Dickinson, former director of the Florida Museum of Natural History. The Florida Museum of Natural History started in 1891 with research collections and donations. Now the Florida Museum of Natural History is full of community involvement events, indoor/outdoor exhibits, and opportunities to experience nature first hand. The opportunities are endless once entering the Museum. The environment of the Museum creatively stands out as an amazing place to learn. The Museum has the capability to inspire people to tour the Museum open-mindedly, taking in the realistic 3D versions of Florida’s history. The Museum is “inspiring people …show more content…

The Museum twice as much experience as any other museum. The Florida Museum of Natural History has many indoor exhibits that I can relate to because of my family origins. I found the Indian exhibit very interesting due to the fact that I am part Indian. The Indian exhibit offers the opportunity to see where my heritage originated from and what the culture was about. Another exhibit that caught my eyes was the aquatic hallway. Walking into this hallway feels as if I am under water with all sorts of aquatic life. Everything in this hallway is three times the size of the original ratio of each animal and plant. Above all, the butterfly rainforest is the most beautiful and heart-warming attraction at the Museum. Upon entering one of the Museum’s main attractions one may notice the “Wall of Wings.” This wall extends from one side of the Museum to the other side of the Museum. There are shadow boxes that contain almost every butterfly ever documented. After touring the “Wall of Wings,” comes the Butterfly Rainforest. When entering the exhibit you will get a wave of cold air and then you step outside to the exhibit. The view is absolutely breathe taking. The amount of plant and animal species located in the exhibit is astonishing. The path of the exhibit is a long winding cement path covered with a variety of colors and sounds. One look at the inside of the …show more content…

The Museum also eye-catching indoor/outdoor exhibits that makes for a great life changing experience. Then there is an opportunity to have a first-hand experience when touring the Museum. The Florida Museum of Natural History has many amenities that allows everyone to have the opportunity to experience nature in a historical and factual way. Choosing the Florida Museum of Natural History was the best choice for me. I am a fan of art in any form. Therefore, getting to learn about Florida’s history while enjoying the art is a very interesting experience. Nature, art, and history put together is the perfect blend of what I believe to be the most perfect experience. The Museum has inspired many people, myself included. I know I will be making another visit

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