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The Orlando Museum of Art, also known as OMA, is a hub of Central Florida when it comes to pulling in remarkable works of art for the public eye to pay patronage to. Today I visited such a place for the annual Antiques Vintage and Garden Show, which took place between February 19th through the 21st. Included in the price of a ticket was also admission to The OMA’s current exhibitions, which included Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers and their other running exhibits, which contained an array of work, ranging from Pre-Columbian sculptures to more contemporary works of the 21st century. The specific exhibit which held my interest most was the Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican gallery titled “A Trek from North to South”, which was organized by geographic locations in Latin America. Since my girlfriend, Illiana, bought me tickets to the show for a …show more content…

Knowing that I am an arts ' enthusiast, she searched for local events pertaining to art and stumbled across tickets to this event on the OMA websites list of attractions. The intended exhibit of the Antiques Vintage and Garden Show was a bit of a snooze and we ended up spending over two hours in the room designated for the Pre-Columbian art works instead, which happened to line up with the time period of the art works studied in this course of Art History. Through my experience at this exhibit it was revealed to me the importance of the natural world in every Mesoamerican cultures form of art. Specifically, this was proven by the fact that the materials utilized were part of each cultures stomping grounds, literally, in reference to clays and ceramics, also by the subjects and scenes depicted in such works revolved around the natural environment at hand, and lastly shown by the value of animal life depicted through their representation and symbolism. As we entered a small, yet brightly lit room we were overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of authentic Mesoamerican art works and

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