Out To Get You Head Lice And Bed Bugs By Ruth Tenzer Feldman

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In the passage Out to Get You Head Lice and Bed Bugs, written by Ruth Tenzer Feldman, it talks about the life spans of both bedbugs and head lice as well as how to get rid of them. It also talks about how to avoid getting them. According to the article the National Institute of Health says that if you get bitten, by either bed bugs, or head lice their bites alone, probably won’t make you sick, also that they are not attracted to dirt, but rather blood like leaches or mosquitos. Head lice’s scientific name is Pediculus humanus capitis. Furthermore there are three types of lice, head lice being one of them, the others are body lice and pubic lice, and all three of them infest humans. Body lice and pubic do carry disease. Head lice have several …show more content…

The eggs hatch into nymphs, the nymphs will reach full adulthood in only seven to ten days. If they don’t have blood from a host they will die in two days. I believe this section explains the lifespan if head lice and what they eat. To avoid getting head lice avoid head to head contact (sharing hats, combs, ex), because that is how lice get from host to host. If you think that you might have lice, but are not sure don’t treat yourself unless you know that you have live lice or unhatched eggs. Not if you only have nits (shells). It is also important if you have lice to not scratch, because you could start a bacterial infection. You shouldn’t put gasoline or kerosene in your hair or shave your head if you have lice, but after you have treated it you should avoid watching it for two or three days. This explains how to get lice, and what to treat. According to the article bed bugs are worse than that head lice. Bed bug’s scientific name is Cimex Lectularius. Bed bugs would usually hide near your bed and come out once a week to feed on a host’s blood. Bedbugs according to the article prefer darkness, they can also go one year without feeding. I believe that this section goes over what generally bedbugs

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