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Elkhart Exterminators, Safe and Reliable Pest Control Home may be where the heart is, but it can also be where the pests live. We at Elkhart Exterminators are here to help you keep your home safe and comfortable. We fully understand that even the cleanest homes can fall victim to pest infestations and here at Elkhart Exterminators we offer a full range of products to help you control pests both indoors and outdoors. Elkhart Exterminators offer a wide variety of safe and effect control products to meet your every need. We offer barrier protection, natural and organic control whenever possible. All of our technicians are both licensed and certified for the pest control field. We offer warranties and guarantees for all of our products. Best of all we tell …show more content…

Stay safe with backyard and home control, natural, and organic treatments. Mice Mice can enter both homes and outbuildings, and they are known to both carry disease and to be destructive. We can offer you: natural products, repellents and repellents. Moths Only the larva of this insect can actually eat cloth, the adults just don 't have the mandibles to do so. They have four life stages, the egg, larva, pupa and adult. The adults only live two to four weeks. The larva are attracted to animal products that contain keratin. This is a fibrous protein found in hair and skin. They like silk, wool, cashmere, angora and other materials made from animal skin. We can help you protect your valuable clothing with these services: Washington control, and toxic control. For outdoor moths there is both a natural and winter control. Rats Many of us live in fear of these aggressive creatures who have been known to attack the very young, elderly and animals. For these we offer home remedies, control and electronic products, removal services and both brown and outdoor rat control.

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