Beethoven Informative Speech

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Play Beethoven’s Fur Elise Clip, ask if anyone knows the title and composer of the song. YouTube Video
Ludwig Van Beethoven had a life full of events, many amazing accomplishments, and he still continues to influence the way we compose music today.
Ludwig Van Beethoven has left a huge mark on the way we compose music today with his nine symphonies, especially the ninth symphony. We are able to continue to enjoy the work of Beethoven today and listen to his masterpieces.
TRANSITION: We will begin by looking at some of the interesting events that Ludwig Van Beethoven has experienced.
Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Interesting Life Events
When he was 11, he left school and at 18 he was the family’s
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He composed over 200 songs, a number of shorter orchestral works and several choral pieces (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia).

TRANSITION: We are going to look at how Ludwig Van Beethoven continues to impact the world today.
Final Reflection
How people play the piano today wouldn’t be the same without the influence of his music (Britannica School).
People continue to listen to his music today (Britannica School).
Nearly all later composers of concerti had to reckon with the innovations of Beethoven’s 4th and 5th concerti (Britannica School).
The most influential pieces were the 5th and 9th symphonies and the 6th influenced composers with a programmatic bent (Britannica School).

TRANSITION: In closing, let’s review what we’ve learned about Ludwig Van Beethoven.
There is no doubt that Ludwig Van Beethoven had a lasting impact on our world today.
He was able to write symphonies before most of us even learned an instrument and he worked hard even when he became deaf.
In all of his pieces, Beethoven is able to change our perspectives of music and change the way we view the world. I hope you are able to enjoy more of Beethoven’s beautiful
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