Belonging Vs Extroverts

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Although most people would be categorized as ambiverts, there are some individuals who exhibit more qualities belonging to either introverts or extroverts. Introverts tend to spend more time by themselves as opposed to extroverts who prefer to be around other people. Extroverts thrive in group conversation with many people, while introverts tend to only hold one on one conversations. Because of this large group necessity extroverts have, they tend to weak bonds with many friends. Introverts on the other hand have very strong bonds with a few individuals, the offside to this being that they do not have many friends. Extroverts also tend to speak more in conversation than introverts, who listen most of the time. The reason for this is that extroverts …show more content…

This score remains to be in the middle of the spectrum, making me an ambivert, leaning slightly to more of an introvert. I agree with these results. Whether I am more or less outgoing depends on the situation I am in. Around certain groups of friends I am more social and speak first, while in other groups I wait to speak and listen most of the time. Being a senior in high school, I am comfortable in my environment. This makes me more laid back and sociable than I was in my younger grades. I believe that these results would be much more different if I were younger. I was very much an introvert when I was growing up. I was shy and liked to keep to myself. As I got older I came out of my shell more and now I can appreciate hanging out with friends in a social setting, while still appreciating the benefits that solitude bring …show more content…

This quote shows how innocent and morally just Laura’s outlook on life is. To deceive someone even a little, such as stuffing her bra, seems wrong to Laura. She is innocent because such a concept of stuffing her bra would never come to Laura’s mind. Even though she is not confident with herself, she would not think to lie about her true appearance. This is where Laura and her mother differ. This quote does a good job at differentiating Margaret and Laura’s outlook on appearance. Margaret brags about her appearance, not caring that she has faked some aspects of herself. Laura however does not brag at all about her appearance, she stays true to herself though. This makes Laura a much more honest person compared to her

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