Beloved Community Essay

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One of the most Interesting thing that Dr. Martin Luther King believed that in order to completely eliminate racism, religious discrimination, and any other type of hatred for being different, we would need to first embrace the things that made everyone different Beloved Community" raises a very interesting objection to the notion of the concept of the "beloved community" as expressed by Dr. Martin Luther King. The reason I choose is this because Dr. King mentioned that In speaking about the possibility of actualizing the Beloved community in history, King attempted to avoid what he called a superficial optimism" upon the on hand, and a crippling pessimism" on the other. He knew that the solution of social problems is a slow process. At the …show more content…

I grew up in a small urban town believing that no matter your ethnicity, racist remarks where never appropriate. I moved to into St. Cloud for about 2years ago and found my thoughts and feelings on racism being altered by my experience with people in my neighborhood. I live in an area with a high immigrant population of White, Asian, Vietnamese, and Hispanic families. I also live down the street for a low income housing project that has a high majority of African American families. The Asian and Hispanic populations are very hard working individuals, opening stores, restaurants and businesses. They put me to shame with their work ethic, often working weekends and holidays. I always see my Asian, and Hispanic neighbors working their houses, playing in the park with their children, or sending time with their families, after they have worked all week and into the weekend. We always greet each other with simple words and friendly gestures.
I have very good friends who are African American, I have been in mixed relationships, and I even have an adopted aunt who I loved. I see their children as my own I would never disrespect an individual of this race, but I am struggling to understand the overall values of this ethnicity and the reason that I feel the way I do. What is happening in our culture and why has the majority of this ethnic group ended up becoming the so displaced in our

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