White Privilege In Today's Society

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White Privilege
The thought or conception that everyone is treated fairly, and without injustice is completely false. The term known as “White privilege”, is real, and evident in today’s time. White privilege is not something people do intentionally or on purpose, it is simply a dominance in race, social, and political values. Privilege in general is given to people who benefit from unearned advantages that others may have challenges facing everyday. People in the caucasian community seem to have access to perks, advantages, and opportunities that people of other descent simply don’t have. These things further boost the idea that racist beliefs, and being blind to the racism occurring in today’s society is acceptable. …show more content…

As for a Caucasian person, you choose when and where to respond to racism instead of using their first instinct. You may feel hesitant to respond because you don 't know if it is the time, place, or even right to stand up for something you know deep down, isn’t respectful. Many people believe slavery played an important role in building this country as a positive more so negative without understanding the difficulties, aggression, sacrifices, and treatment people had to endure. They believe this impacted our economy and agriculture for the best without putting into consideration others who were affected by it. There are even some people who do not necessarily believe slavery existed, as if it was an exaggerated story about how the country actually started and see no wrong in it.
It’s stated in an article by Jennifer R. Holladay, Racist beliefs include things like “White people are smarter than people of color,” or “White people make better teachers.” Racism can manifest itself in terms of individual behavior through hate crimes, or in institutional behavior through employment discrimination. Racism might manifest in individual language through the use of slurs, or in institutional policy through a school’s selection of Eurocentric

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