Ben Carson Tragic Premature Death

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If you were to type the words, "Tragic premature death and violence in the United States", into a computer search engine such as google, for instance, thousands of articles would show up on your computer screen. Violence and tragic premature deaths occur all over the United States as well as in many other parts of the world. In this article, "overcoming hardship to survive and thrive," published in September 2014, Ben Carson argues that every person 's life matters, we can build a better nation by coming together and being accountable. As Carson notes, "… we should be concerned when any life is prematurely terminated, regardless of the circumstances." Premature murders, however, is not Carson 's greatest concern. The author utilizes a variety of rhetorical methods in order to support his claim. He first addressing the death of a young man, the injustice, and enraged community that resulted in this tragedy. He then proves to the reader that there are much more important matters that we should be worried about. Carson uses his childhood as an example while growing up he witnessed several premature death crimes. Many of these crimes were committed by those who were residents of the same city he was living in. Yet, out of the same community there have been …show more content…

Nevertheless, there is a turning point, as he states in his article, "Given the level of violence, one can hardly blame people for keeping their mouths shut, but we must also realize that if we don’t nip bad behavior in the bud, it only grows, creating more intimidation, and the vicious cycle continues". Here Carson agrees that it is ok to be angry and speak out about the issues yet, something should be done to end the dreadful behavior. while rejecting the act of violence, he lists several ways that factor in success regardless of the environment; he picks three reasons from the list and explains how the can bring a

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