Benefits Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Lowering the Drinking Age Picture yourself at this amazing party, you are having the time of your life, but you realize that there are so many people trashed and you are the only one that is not as wasted. The neighbors call the police department complaining that there is so much noise happening next door, that they want the police to shut it down or to at least tell them to be quiet. Well imagine your friend answering the door to the police but saying something incredibly stupid. The cops tell you to turn down the music, they really don’t care that you are eighteen and drinking because they know that it is the legal age. You see, most people would disagree that the drinking age should be eighteen because they think that we are still very …show more content…

People have said that if the drinking age was lowered it was lower the risk of everything else that is happening with alcohol problems. For example, more than one hundred and thirty people have signed a petition initiated in the 2008 in support of the idea. Since the mid 1930’s, the legal drinking age in the United States has been set at twenty-one. At some point there was no uniform drinking age, with some states choosing eighteen, nineteen and even twenty as the legal age for drinking. Back then, it was safe to drink because everyone knew everyone. There wasn’t random places to have a party it was where everyone was safe. For instance, in this generation, finding a place to party in takes time. You need to find a stable place, but instead of that, people find somewhere out of town, like out in the bad land. The scary part is, not everywhere has service. So who do you call in case of an emergency? Some many people die due to dangerous environments. I honestly truly believe that that by lowering the drinking age, you could possibly reduce that. Clearly, I want the drinking age to be lowered to a younger age. I believe that by lowering the drinking age, there could be less drunk driving, less dangerous environments and less problems with the law enforcement. I honestly, do not see why it is such a huge deal to lower the drinking age. So many teens drink and I can guarantee you, that they would go ahead and sit up a petition on lowering the drinking age. Also if the drinking age is lowered, there might be less teens underage drinking. I say this because what kid is going to have fun following the rules anyways, not a whole

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